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Ciao Flyers!

Hope this mail finds you well.

I arrive FANO Italy www.skydivefano.com  Friday 3rd until Sunday 12th July jump their Porter &  Skyvan weekend 11th-12th. Do you come, make Jumps & FLY :-) Please reply to pre-book coaching. If you like to pass these details onto Skydive friends that would be great!

All the best, take care.

Tim Porter

20,200+ Jumps / 22 years International Skydive Experience.

Outside Artistic Camera for group de-briefing & end of day videos. Speciality filming without wide angle, often with zoom for real quality action footage. Jump Master aircraft for safe dropping & efficient boarding times. Load Organize specializing in Fast Flying- Tracking/Moving (size of group levels permitting). 1on1 & 2on1 Coaching FreeFlight & SkySurf Beginners to Advanced, increasing Awareness Levels & Flight Positions.

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